California Fire Cams

Wildfires Cameras

California Fire Cams provides maps, photos, and information about wildfires from several sources for the United States. The app is designed to view fire cameras California.


USA Cameras

Life in America

With USA cameras app, you can travel the United States of America, visiting scenic and landmark destinations via live HD streaming video and megapixel snapshot cameras.


Temperature of the Black sea

Weather app

The app shows the current water temperature at the Black sea resorts. City: Adler, Anapa, Gagra, Gelendzhik, Kabardian, Lazarevskoe, Loo, Novorossiysk, Pitsunda, Sochi, Sukhum, Tuapse, Yalta.


Around the Space

Space app

In the app you will find information about SpaceX rocket launches, NASA news and images.

Снимок экрана 2024-05-24 в 21.13.49

Solar Activity Pro


The app shows real-time information about the Sun’s activity. Look the very latest Images, video, forecasts of northern lights and geomagnetic storms. Do you want to know when the next solar storm is? Then here you go! 



Calculate file download time

DownloadTimer is a simple program that allows you to calculate the time of downloading/uploading a file from the Internet. The speed is set to Mbit/s as this is the most common unit of measurement.



Speed & GPS

Going for a walk or went by car? Take MySpeedGps app will show you your current speed and location. You can also learn about the height of where you are, the exact coordinates.



Solve examples

In MathScore, you are invited to solve various mathematical examples as quickly as possible. At the start of the game, the player is given 30 seconds to solve the examples.